Thursday, March 20, 2014

Testimonies of God´s Love

Berta was one of the first people to welcome Oikos to Pacifico back in 2010. When Ronald and I joined Oikos in 2011 & 2012, we knew Berta as the woman who stood down by the bus stop in Pacifico, selling her plates of homemade food to the bus drivers and passengers who hurried by. She was always complaining of some physical ailment and suffered from terrible depression and anxiety, amongst other things. In 2013, she unexpectedly became pregnant with her third child, and suffered even more severe depression and anxiety. During that time, she became completely desperate for God and reached out for Him like she never had before. Team members prayed with her, called her and spent nights at her house. We began to see God change Berta´s life before our eyes. Not too long ago, Berta was all but begging for us to hold one of our weekly meetings in her house. We now have a weekly gathering in her house together with a group of women.  Berta has changed so much since we first met her- she now greets us with a smile on her face and although she still has days when depression or anxiety try to overcome her, she chooses to focus on God in the middle of life's storms. Please lift up Berta and her three children {Gustavo, Dana and Abraham} as we continue to see God's restoration and love at work in her life.

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